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  • 2 Wheel Licktank (200L)

    QLF’s low 2-wheeled lick tank is ideal for feeding sheep and has a built in lifting hook for easy transportation.
    £225.00 ex. VAT
  • 2 Wheel Licktank (500L)

    QLF’s 500 litre 2-wheeled lick tank is designed for smaller herds and sheep.
    £280.00 ex. VAT
  • 4 Wheel Lick Tank (1000L)

    QLF’s 1000 litre 4-wheeled lick tank is designed for dairy or beef cattle when at pasture or when housed.
    £470.00 ex. VAT
  • QLF Supermag 20

    QLF Supermag 20 offers a good level of magnesium chloride along with a high sugar level and ‘Timed Release’ protein.
  • Bulk Storage Tank – Plastic

    Plastic bulk storage tanks from QLF offer a great way of storing bulk liquid feeds on farm.
  • Bulk Storage Tank – Steel

    Steel molasses tanks offer a storage solution where power is not available.
  • QLF Springmag

    QLF Springmag has a lower protein level but a high sugar and magnesium level. It is a high energy magnesium supplement and can be fed where protein is less of a concern.
  • QLF Suckler Profit 20-28

    QLF Suckler Profit 20-28 is a great liquid supplement for suckler cows; 20% protein fresh weight, with a good sugar level and vitamins and minerals makes for a popular suckler product.
  • QLF HIPRO 40

    QLF HIPRO 40 has cost effective “Timed Release” Protein with a balanced level of sugar and is ideal for a wide range of feeding situations.
  • QLF Allstock 30

    QLF Allstock 30 is suitable for feeding to ‘all stock’; It is a versatile product which can be fed in a wide range of feeding situations.
  • QLF Dairy SugR 41

    QLF Dairy SugR 41 offers a very high level of sugars and energy along with vitamins and minerals – perfect for dairy diets requiring high energy and sugar.
  • QLF Organi-Mol

    QLF Organi-Mol is a fully organic liquid feed that is approved for use by the Soil Association and OF&G.
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