FarmMolasses Sweet 50:30:3

Landowner's FarmMolasses Sweet 50:30:3 can be used as an excellent source of sugar for mixing into a ration to dampen it, whilst increasing palatability and helping to reduce dusting.  
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Description / FarmMolasses Sweet 50:30:3

FarmMolasses Sweet 50:30:3 is a molasses product that offers very cost effective sugars at a lower level of dry matter. It is ideal for mixing into a ration to dampen the ration and whilst increasing palatability and helping to reduce dusting. 

This product will be delivered in bulk into to your farm tank on a fully articulated vehicle. Smaller vehicle deliveries are not available.

*Please consult your nutritionist on the inclusion of this product into your ration

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Please allow 3-5 working days for delivery

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Please note, we are currently unable to ship to Northern Ireland.

Technical Information


Dry Matter: 50%

Sugar: 30% (as fed), 60% (dry matter)

Protein 3% (as fed), 6% (dry matter)

12.75 ME


Please consult your nutritionist for specific advice in feeding this product and prior to inclusion in the ration.