L-CBF TERRA FED™ - 1000 litre IBC

L-CBF TERRA FED™ from QLF Agronomy is an Organic, Soil Association approved Liquid Carbon Based Fertiliser for use across a wide range of crops.

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Description / L-CBF TERRA FED™ - 1000 litre IBC

L-CBF TERRA FED™ is a fully Soil Association approved organic product allowing organic farmers and growers to benefit from Liquid Carbon Based Fertilisers.

L-CBF TERRA FED™ offers a source of quality plant nutrients combined with an excellent carbon source. The high sugar in L-CBF TERRA FED™ helps to stimulate soil biology and vigorous plant root growth whilst providing a safer, more effective and more efficient nutrient utilisation of N-P-K. Plants receiving added sugars may also benefit from increased cell wall strength, providing a better first line of defence against disease and insects.

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Technical Information


  Total Nitrogen00
  Phosphorus pentoxide soluble in water00
  Potassium Oxide soluble in water22.6
  Sulphur (S)0.20.3
Includes natural N-P-K Sources, complex carbon, yeasts and microbial growth factors

Product Information

L-CBF TERRA FED™ has been approved for use and certified as an Organic product by the Soil Association for use within organic farming systems. As such, the benefits of QLF Agronomy's Liquid Carbon Based Fertilisers can be realised by organic growers and can include:
  • Improved nutrient availability
  • Enhanced biological function
  • Enhances root development
  • Versatile, convenient, consistent in a user friendly package


L-CBF TERRA FED™ is water miscible, allowing it to be applied through any type of sprayer nozzles and liquid fitted planters. Application rates* will depend on soil and crop nutrient needs however typical rates applied are 20 litres per hectare or 8 litres per acre hence 1000 litres will provide a single application to 50 hectares / 125 acres.L-CBF TERRA FED™ can be:
  • Sprayed on as a separate application
  • Applied with a range of agrochemicals or liquid fertilisers.
  • Foliar applied
  • In furrow
*For information regarding specific application rates, methods, mixing and handling information, please speak to a QLF L-CBF representative here