Liquid Carbon Based Fertiliser - Bulk Delivery

L-CBF BOOST™ and L-CBF TERRA FED™ from QLF Agronomy feed the soil microbes are the No. 1 Liquid Carbon Based Fertilisers and are suitable for use across a wide range of crops.

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Description / Liquid Carbon Based Fertiliser - Bulk Delivery

Both L-CBF BOOST™ and L-CBF TERRA FED™ are available for bulk delivery nationwide.

Pre-requisites include having bulk storage for the quantity that you require. This can be in the form of IBC's or a plastic QLF Bulk tank In both cases, unless the tank is previously dedicated to QLF Agronomy products it must be fully washed out and cleaned ready for inspection prior to delivery. If not as new, the delivery will not be carried out.

Buying in bulk offers a great, cost effective way of purchasing either L-CBF BOOST™ or L-CBF TERRA FED™

Delivery & Returns

Please provide 3-5 working days as all product is manufactured to order. It will then be dispatched using your chosen shipping method. Our transport team will call you to inform you of when delivery will be made, so please ensure that you can be reached on the contact number(s) provided.

Please note, we are currently unable to ship to Northern Ireland.

Technical Information


20% Nitrogen : 0.6% Sulphur as weight / volume18% Nitrogen: 0.5% Sulphur as weight / weight


Please consult your agronomist for crop specific application quantities, timings and advice. In general, applications can be made as a tank mix with a range of pesticides. Do not apply in extremely hot weather with no cloud cover; applications are best made in cool, overcast conditions, early morning or late evening being ideal.To download the application Chart, Please click here.