30,000 litre Molasses Bulk Tank

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30000 litre bulk tank suitable for storing molasses liquid feeds and liquid carbon based fertilisers on farms and industrial sites.
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Description / 30,000 litre Molasses Bulk Tank

This 30,000 litre tank is designed specifically for the storage of molasses, liquid animal feeds and liquid carbon based fertilisers. Made from UV Stabilised polyethene and toughened so as to store product up to a specific gravity of 1.5, they offer a simple and economic way to store bulk product on farms and commercial premises. With a 30,000 litre capacity, this tank is capable of storing approximately 38 tonnes of liquid animal feeds or liquid carbon based fertiliser.

Further advantages of these tanks are as follows:

  • Does not rust or corrode
  • Impact resistant due to their durable specification and one-piece construction for long term structural strength
  • Can easily be moved (telehandler) as have moulded lugs constructed in the roof of the tank.
  • Semi translucent allowing the liquid level to be seen at all times
  • One piece construction for long term structural strength
  • 3 inch stainless steel outlet outlet as standard with ball valve to a 3 inch BSP male thread along with an included 2″ camlock fitting for simple use on farm
  • Available in a range of sizes from 6000 litre, 12,500 litre, 25,000 litre and 30,000 litre capacity.
  • Available in two colours, natural or yellow.

Technical Information


Diameter: 3450 mmHeight: 3650 mm