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    L-CBF TERRA FED™ from QLF Agronomy is an Organic,  Soil Association approved Liquid Carbon Based Fertiliser for use across a wide range of crops.
    £675.00 ex. VAT
  • QLF Super 40

    QLF Super 40 is a liquid supplement offering high levels of ‘Timed Release’ protein, sugars and includes vitamins and minerals to help enhance rumen function. Please provide 3-5 working days as all product is manufactured to order.
  • 2-7-14

    Landowner Products 2-7-14 (N-P-K) is a clear liquid fertiliser designed for autumn application.
    £799.00 ex. VAT
  • 2-7-14 + Seaweed

    Landowner Products 2-7-14 (N-P-K) + Seaweed is a liquid fertiliser designed for autumn application
    £954.00 ex. VAT
  • 4 Wheel Lick Tank (1000L)

    QLF’s 1000 litre 4-wheeled lick tank is designed for dairy or beef cattle when at pasture or when housed.
    £470.00 ex. VAT
  • Folmagnesium

    Folmagnesium is a magnesium source that can increase the plant’s ability to withstand diseases and stress.
    £134.00£371.00 ex. VAT
  • L-CBF BOOST™ 220L Barrel

    L-CBF BOOST™ from QLF Agronomy is the No. 1 Liquid Carbon Based Fertiliser – Feed the soil biology to enhance nutrient availability and improve plant performance
    £273.00 ex. VAT
  • AdBlue® 10 litre can

    Landowner Blue AdBlue® supplied in 10 litre is an easy way for consumers to to up their  passenger vehicles or commercial vehicles with AdBlue®.
    £9.99£203.00 ex. VAT
  • Fosfol

    Fosfol is Landowner’s foliar phosphate and is beneficial to a variety of crops, particularly potatoes and maize.
    £169.00£529.00 ex. VAT
  • QLF Supermag 20

    QLF Supermag 20 offers a good level of magnesium chloride along with a high sugar level and ‘Timed Release’ protein.
  • 12-0-12

    Landowner Products 12-0-12 (N-P-K) is a clear liquid fertiliser supplying 12% w/v Nitrogen and Potassium as K2O – for use during the growing season.
    £765.00 ex. VAT
  • AdBlue® 5 litre can

    Landowner Blue AdBlue® in 5 litre cans has been designed specifically for consumers who need to re-fill AdBlue® in to their passenger vehicles.
    £7.99£470.98 ex. VAT
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