Hand Sanitiser Gel

Landowner Products a proud supplier of HALO hand sanitising gel. HALO’s hand gel is a 70% alcohol based gel that is has been independently tested to EN1500 to give consumers peace of mind that it kills 99.99% of bacteria. The hand sanitiser gel is offered in two different bottle sizes to suit both stationary dispensing as well as having product to hand when on the move which can be purchased in differing pack sizes to suit both business and home consumers alike.

The benefits of HALO Hand Sanitiser Gel from Landowner Products are as follows:

  • EN1500 tested to ensure compliance and a 99.99% bacteria kill.
  • Available in 10oml bottles for use on the move.
  • 5 litre bottles for static dispensing or top up of existing dispensers or hand gel bottles.
  • Is available next day nation-wide.
  • We will deliver direct to you.

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