Liquid Animal Feeds

Quality Liquid Feeds is the world’s No.1 liquid animal feed company and offer the most extensive range of products available in the UK. Whether you farm Dairy, Beef, Sheep, are conventional or Organic, we have a liquid animal supplement to suit you. We also offer a range of equipment such as farm tank and pumps, lick-tanks and IBC’s to provide a complete liquid feed solution.

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  • QLF Supermag 20

    QLF Supermag 20 offers a good level of magnesium chloride along with a high sugar level and ‘Timed Release’ protein.
  • QLF Springmag

    QLF Springmag has a lower protein level but a high sugar and magnesium level. It is a high energy magnesium supplement and can be fed where protein is less of a concern.
  • QLF Suckler Profit 20-28

    QLF Suckler Profit 20-28 is a great liquid supplement for suckler cows; 20% protein fresh weight, with a good sugar level and vitamins and minerals makes for a popular suckler product.
  • QLF HIPRO 40

    QLF HIPRO 40 has cost effective “Timed Release” Protein with a balanced level of sugar and is ideal for a wide range of feeding situations.
  • QLF Allstock 30

    QLF Allstock 30 is suitable for feeding to ‘all stock’; It is a versatile product which can be fed in a wide range of feeding situations.
  • QLF Dairy SugR 41

    QLF Dairy SugR 41 offers a very high level of sugars and energy along with vitamins and minerals – perfect for dairy diets requiring high energy and sugar.
  • QLF Organi-Mol

    QLF Organi-Mol is a fully organic liquid feed that is approved for use by the Soil Association and OF&G.
  • QLF Ewe Energy

    QLF Ewe Energy is a high protein, high sugar liquid supplement with added vitamins and minerals designed specifically for feeding to sheep.
  • QLF Sheep SugR 41

    QLF Sheep SugR 41 is a high sugar, high energy liquid supplement with added vitamins and minerals designed specifically for feeding to sheep where additional protein is not required.
  • QLF Dry Cow Optimiser 25

    QLF Dry Cow Optimiser 25 is a mineralised liquid supplement designed specifically for dry cows.