QLF Ewe Energy

QLF Ewe Energy is a high protein, high sugar liquid supplement with added vitamins and minerals designed specifically for feeding to sheep.

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Description / QLF Ewe Energy

QLF Ewe Energy can help to balance nutrition in sheep diets by providing the protein and energy necessary for sheep to better utilise forage. Ewes have special requirements throughout the year; from tupping and lambing, to lactation and re-breeding their supply of energy, as well as other nutrients, is vital. Only when their nutritional needs are adequately met can ewes perform to expectation. Using QLF Ewe energy can help to increase the nutrient density of the ration to help the ewe meet these requirements, particularly at times when the ewe’s appetite is reduced.

This QLF protein product is specifically designed for sheep to optimise rumen function and aid in balancing the nutrient value of rations. It includes sugars and rumen-essential vitamins and trace minerals to aid rumen bacteria and hence the digestibility of forages and fibre in the ration.

The Non-Protein Nitrogen protein content is QLF ‘Timed Release’ Protein and provides rumen degradable protein that breaks down in the rumen over a similar time frame to that of soya.

QLF Ewe energy may be fed ad lib in a lick-tank which is the ideal way to meet the nutritional needs of ewes. It may also be fed top dressed, poured onto cereals and forages, or in a home mix.

The benefits associated with feeding QLF Sheep products are as follows:

  • High level of readily available energy
  • Improved forage utilisation
  • Enhanced palatability
  • Increased dry matter intake
  • Economical and convenient

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Technical Information


QLF Ewe Energy typical analysis:

As FedDry Matter
Protein %Sugar %Phos %DMProtein %Sugar %Vit & MinEst MELitres/TE
QLF Ewe Energy20390.3653159Sheep12757
For the mineral analysis, please see the QLF Mineral and Vitamin Specification here.Find out more about QLF’s ‘Timed Release’ protein here 


QLF Ewe energy is formulated for feeding ad-lib in QLF supplied lick-feeders. Alternatively, this product can be mixed with TMR/home mix rations at a rate 0.5 – 0.75 litres/head/day for larger sheep. It can be top dressed onto feeds and forage or poured onto silage, hay or straw.QLF Ewe Energy Typical Feed Rates:
Typical Feed Rates (Kg/head/day)Suitable Feeding Methods
DairyBeefSheepYoungstockLick-tankPour OnTMR Mix
Ewe Energyxx0.75x
  • The product should be introduced gradually to acclimatise the rumen, typically in the first 1-3 days, 30% of target feed rate should be included. This should then increase to 60% (target feed rate) for days 4-6, 90% for days 7-9 and 100% after 10 days.

Please note these rates are for indication only and actual feed rates must be approved by your QLF representative or qualified feed advisor.

DO NOT FEED TO NON-RUMINANT ANIMALS. QLF do not recommend that it be fed to animals under 12 weeks of age. Do not feed to energy-starved animals and always ensure plenty of fresh, clean water, unlimited access to forage, and a source of quality major minerals.