Rapid De-Icing Solution 220L Drum - Brine 20%

220 litres of Landowner 20% Brine de-icing solution for quick and easy ice clearing and protection

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Description / Rapid De-Icing Solution 220L Drum - Brine 20%

Landowner Products manufactures a rapid liquid de-icer in the form of a 20% Sodium Chloride solution (Brine). This solution is non-hazardous and de-ices and clears snow faster than conventional rock or white salt. It is also easier to administer; no lifting of bags is required as the product can simply be dispensed into a liquid sprayer using one of our gravity feed kits, or simply poured on. This method of application can be more uniform than spreading granular salt and less residue is left when compared to rock salt.

With a freezing point of -21°C it is widely used throughout winter months on roads, car parks and on paths around buildings. It is available nationwide in a range of size options as follows:

  • 1000 litres of sodium chloride (Brine) solution in an IBC – suitable where a forklift is available
  • 800 litres of sodium chloride (Brine) solution in an IBC – suitable where a forklift is not available – this will be delivered in an IBC
  • 220 litre barrels
  • 20 litre cans

Landowner Products Sodium Chloride (Brine solution 20%) has the following benefits:

  • Clears snow and ice faster than conventional rock salt
  • Easier to administer
  • Less residue
  • Freezing point of -21°C so usable all winter
  • Reduced packaging compared to 25kg salt bags

Suggested application rates are 20 ml per m2 for treatment of Ice and 40ml per m2 for treatment of snow, however these are only guides as each situation can be different.

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To view the Material Safety Data Sheet for Brine from Landowner®, please click here