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Placing an Order chevron-up chevron-down

  • Can I order and pay over the phone? chevron-up chevron-down

    For products displayed on the website orders are required to be processed and payment made online. If you would like to order, please use the website as payments over the phone cannot be accepted.

  • When are you open? chevron-up chevron-down

    Our working hours are Monday to Friday, 8am – 5pm except Bank Holidays.

  • Is there a promo code? chevron-up chevron-down

    Currently we do not have any promo codes running but will let our customers who have consented to e-mail correspondence know should this change.

Delivery Questions chevron-up chevron-down

  • How much is delivery? chevron-up chevron-down

    Delivery will be calculated accurately to your postcode to get you the fairest price, please enter your details or use the quick postcode checker for a quick view.

  • Is a forklift truck required for barrels/pallets of smaller containers? chevron-up chevron-down

    No, all palleted items less than 1000 litres can be sent via a tail lift truck, please request this is the order comments area on checkout.

  • I have entered my postcode and it says "Please enter a valid postcode." chevron-up chevron-down

    If this happens, please ensure the following:

    All zero’s have been typed as zero, not the letter O

    The postcode is properly spaced out – typing all of the digits together will not be recognised.

    If it still doesn’t work then please accept our apologies and give us a call!

  • Where do I put my delivery address? chevron-up chevron-down

    If your billing address and delivery address are different please enter your delivery information in the order comments box, your payment has to match you billing address.

  • When will my delivery arrive? chevron-up chevron-down

    You will be given all available options for lead times on checkout, please select the most appropriate for your needs.

    Next Day Delivery / 24hrs
    Orders placed before 1:30pm will be delivered the following working day Monday-Friday
    Orders placed after 1:30pm will be with you the working day after (e.g. ordered on Monday at 12.30pm delivered on Wednesday)

    2-3 Day Delivery / 48hrs
    Orders placed before 1:30pm will be delivered in two working days
    Orders placed after 1:30pm will be delivered in 3 working days (e.g. ordered on Monday delivered on Thursday)

  • Can I order but have a longer delivery lead time? For example - order today for delivery next week? chevron-up chevron-down

    Yes, that it fine. Unfortunately, the most cost effective shipping we can offer is a 48 hour service so please select this, then in the order notes let us know the day that you require delivery and we will dispatch the goods so they arrive that day.

  • What time is my delivery expected? chevron-up chevron-down

    Deliveries will be made at any time between 8am and 5pm. Unfortunately our specialist couriers cannot guarantee delivery times.

AdBlue® Questions chevron-up chevron-down

  • Is there only one sort of AdBlue®? chevron-up chevron-down

    Yes – please check that any AdBlue® that you purchase is made to ISO22241 specifications by a Verband der Automobilindustrie e.V. (VDA) licensed AdBlue® manufacturer like ourselves. We are fully licensed and our AdBlue® is suitable for all vehicles that require AdBlue®.

  • How much AdBlue® will I need to use? chevron-up chevron-down

    Your vehicle will automatically use AdBlue® at the required amount:

    For commercial vehicles AdBlue® usage is typically about 5% of diesel used. So for every 100 litres of diesel that is used, you will need 5 litres of AdBlue®.

    For passenger cars, the AdBlue® warning light will come on when you have about 3 litres left. AdBlue® tanks on passenger vehicles generally range between 12 and 20 litres capacity.

  • Is AdBlue® a fuel additive? chevron-up chevron-down

    No. There is a separate AdBlue® tank on vehicles that require AdBlue®.

  • How long can I store AdBlue®? chevron-up chevron-down

    For Bulk Containers (1000 litre IBC’s and Barrels), provided AdBlue® is stored at a constant ambient temperature below 25 degrees C, out of direct sunlight and in accordance with the instructions on the container it’s shelf life is 18 months.

    For small pack containers (10 and 5 litre cans) if the container remains un-opened and it is stored at a constant ambient temperature below 25 degrees C, out of direct sunlight and in accordance with the instructions on the container it’s shelf life is 18 months. We do recommend that once opened the can is used in full, so as to minimise any risk of contamination potentially caused during the process of re-sealing the can and storing the spout for later use.

  • I already have an empty AdBlue® IBC container which has come from another company - can you accept this? chevron-up chevron-down

    Unfortunately not, we are only able to accept Landowner Blue empty IBC’s as part of our ISO22241 quality assurance. If you want to order an IBC of AdBlue® from ourselves and do not have a Landowner Blue IBC to return you would need to select “First Order”; if you do have a Landowner Blue IBC to return please select “Refill”. If non Landowner IBC’s are returned we would have to invoice the £140 + VAT deposit to you.