VDA Licensed AdBlue manufacturer

VDA (Verband der Automobilindustrie e.V.) 
Approved Manufacturer

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Feeding the soil biology

Organic carbon based fertiliser.


  • AdBlue Gravity Dispensing Kit IBC

    AdBlue® Gravity Dispensing Kit IBC

    Adblue® gravity dispensing kit, suitable to take Adblue® from the bottom outlet on Landowner Blue 1000 litre IBC’s.
    £116.40 inc. VAT

    £97.00 ex. VAT

  • AdBlue 220L single

    AdBlue® 220L drum

    220 litres of Landowner Blue AdBlue® in a 220 litre drum; ideal for industrial, commercial and agricultural customers who require lower volumes of AdBlue®
    £304.80£1,101.60 inc. VAT

    £254.00 - £918.00 ex. VAT

  • AdBlue IBC

    AdBlue® 1000L IBC with top and bottom outlet

    1000 litres of Landowner Blue AdBlue® in an IBC with both top and bottom outlet; ideal for industrial, commercial and agricultural customers who require larger volumes of AdBlue®. **A FORKLIFT IS REQUIRED ON SITE TO RECEIVE THIS DELIVERY**
    £1,036.80£1,210.80 inc. VAT

    £864.00 - £1,009.00 ex. VAT

  • IBC of Deionised Water

    Deionised Water 1000 litre IBC

    1000 litre IBC of Deionised water for high usage situations
    £244.80 inc. VAT

    £204.00 ex. VAT

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About Landowner

In 2013 Landowner Products was licensed by the VDA (Verband der Automobilindustrie e.V.) to manufacture AdBlue®. Our state of the art plant has given us the quality and capacity to service our customers nationwide with fully approved AdBlue® manufactured in accordance with ISO22241 regulations.

Landowner Liquid Fertilisers Ltd was formed in 1978 and manufactures clear N-P-K-S liquid fertilisers and foliar nutrients. We also manufacture liquid animal supplements as Quality Liquid Feeds Ltd and supply these liquid feeds to farmers and mills nationwide.

As a family business, we understand the value of easy communication and pride ourselves on giving an individual, personal service. We are based in the Midlands near Telford, with good access to the M54 and M6 enabling us to deliver efficiently throughout the UK.

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