Topleaf - Foliar Nitrogen (Bulk liquid fertiliser)

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Description / Topleaf - Foliar Nitrogen (Bulk liquid fertiliser)

Landowner's Foliar Nitrogen, Topleaf, is a clear liquid solution containing 20% Nitrogen (w/v - 20kg/100 litres) with Sulphur. It is specifically formulated for foliar nitrogen and is used extensively nationwide on a range of crops. Common uses for Topleaf are as follows:

Milling Wheat:
By applying a fine foliar spray directly on to the Milling Wheat leaf and glumes, nitrogen is immediately translocated to the ears , thus by-passing the soil. The result is an optimum conversion from Nitrogen to Protein within the plant. All varieties of milling wheat benefit from Topleaf, and varieties such as Malacca and Shamrock are less likely to achieve the milling protein threshold without treatment. Class 2’s such as Rialto, Soissons and Charger also respond well.

Oilseed Rape:
The application of a Foliar Nitrogen to oilseed is helpful in ensuring the crop reaches its maximum potential. It can be  applied in Autumn to help establishment, during spring to ensure the health and vigor of the plant and at flowering to help the plant to stay greener for longer to maintain photosynthesis and to keep it at its optimum during seed fill stage.

Topleaf Foliar Nitrogen can help to maintain the green leaves of the plant for longer during the growing season. This in turn improves photosynthesis to ensure that the plant maximises its yield.

Grassland and Turf:
Applying Foliar Nitrogen directly onto the grass helps the grass to improve its color, maximising pohotosynthesis to create a faster growing, denser stand of grass.

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Technical Information


20% Nitrogen : 0.6% Sulphur as weight / volume18% Nitrogen: 0.5% Sulphur as weight / weight


Please consult your agronomist for crop specific application quantities, timings and advice. In general, applications can be made as a tank mix with a range of pesticides. Do not apply in extremely hot weather with no cloud cover; applications are best made in cool, overcast conditions, early morning or late evening being ideal.To download the application Chart, Please click here.