Creating a cleaner, safer working environment at your factory

Creating a cleaner, safer working environment at your factory

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AdBlue for Factories

The benefits of using quality adblue for manufacturing.

AdBlue is an effective solution for reducing nitrogen oxide emissions from diesel engines in the manufacturing industry. Your factory may rely on non-road diesel engines in machines such as forklift trucks, cranes, generators, pumps and other vehicles.

Some of these engines are now fitted with SCR technology, which requires a liquid called AdBlue to work. AdBlue is added to a separate tank from diesel. Thanks to AdBlue and SCR systems, emissions from diesel engines are dramatically reduced, creating a cleaner, safer working environment for everyone.

What is AdBlue?

AdBlue is a non-toxic, clear fluid that is made from deionised water and urea. It is injected into the exhaust system during fuel combustion, where it comes into contact with the SCR (selective catalytic reduction) system. This causes a chemical reaction which converts harmful fumes into water, carbon dioxide and nitrogen (a harmless gas present in normal air).

How Does AdBlue Work?

When the AdBlue fluid is injected into the exhaust, it comes into contact with the SCR. The SCR then catalyses a chemical reaction between the urea (CH4N2O) in the AdBlue and the Nitrogen Oxide (NO2) in the exhaust gas using the exhaust heat. This produces Nitrogen gas (N), water vapour (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2). This leads to a dramatic reduction in NO2 emissions from the engine.

Industrial Emissions Regulations and Compliance

While industrial emissions of nitrogen oxides have reduced by 74% since 1990, they still make up 35% of all UK NO2 emissions. Because of this, policymakers are taking further action to meet reduction targets.

Emissions regulations have undergone many changes over the last ten years, and between the EU and UK regulations, it can be difficult to find the information that applies to your business.

Here we summarise the main points that apply to industrial emissions.
Under Section 8.2 of the UK government’s Clean Air Strategy (2019), industrial facilities are required to use the Best Available Techniques to reduce all emissions.

For NOx Emission Reduction, the best available techniques to reduce your emissions within Euro5/Euro6 regulations are:

  • Investing in SCR-equipped machinery
  • Using AdBlue in SCR-equipped engines
  • Transitioning away from diesel
  • Using AdBlue can reduce your emissions to below 0.8g/kg.

In many industries, such as road haulage, investment in SCR technology has supported a massive reduction in NOx emissions, in the absence of revolutionary electrical HGVs.

SCRs and AdBlue provide a cost-effective solution to the problem of harmful gas emissions, enabling you to make a small change with a big result.

AdBlue for Factory Machinery

When your factory machinery runs on diesel, you may be contributing to local air pollution through nitrous oxide emissions. The impact of these emissions on the health of your employees and residents in the area can include damage to the respiratory tract, increased vulnerability to respiratory infections and with long-term exposure, chronic lung disease.

Using Factory machinery that accepts AdBlue will improve the air quality of your workplace, reducing the occupational health risks associated with NOx.

AdBlue can also lower your fuel costs, as the fuel will be used more efficiently. Using AdBlue for non-road mobile machinery improves your business’s environmental and social impacts, contributing to your ESG reporting.

We only supply genuine Adblue.

Many people have fallen foul of companies selling non-genuine AdBlue, which can contain incorrect proportions of urea and deionised water or may not be a urea solution at all.

Using non-genuine AdBlue can cause expensive damage to your non-road mobile machinery, and will not reduce emissions of NO2 effectively.

Landowner Products are Verband der Automobilindustrie e.V. (VDA) Approved AdBlue Suppliers, so you can trust that when you purchase AdBlue from us, you’re getting the real thing. Businesses in certain areas can purchase AdBlue in bulk from our website, getting a better price-per-litre and reducing the plastic waste from packaging.

AdBlue is the Best Available Technique for NOx Emission Reduction

By ensuring your non-road diesel engines have SCR systems and that their AdBlue supplies are regularly topped up, you can quickly and easily reduce the emissions of harmful nitrous oxide gas from your business.

AdBlue is cost-effective and can make your machines more fuel efficient. If you need AdBlue for Factory Machinery and Non-Road Diesel Engines, you’re in the right place.

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