Environmental Strategy

Landowner Products are committed to the environment and this commitment plays a major role in the products that we offer and the sourcing of our materials; we THINK GREEN and this involves the following:

Reduce Emissions to the Environment

  • Landowner Products manufacture, sells and distributes AdBlue®. AdBlue® cleans the exhaust gases from diesel vehicles, removing Nitrous Oxide by changing it into Nitrogen (the most abundant gas in the atmosphere) and water. The use of AdBlue® in diesel vehicles helps to clean the atmosphere.
  • We try where possible to source local, reducing emissions from the delivery of packaging and raw materials into our manufacturing site.

Reduce Packaging and promote – recycling

  • For AdBlue, rather than discarding previously used IBC’s, we reuse the cages and re-line these with new plastic bottles – ensuring that our customers receive the highest quality, ISO22241 assured product whilst minimising waste.
  • For our other IBC products we use either fully laundered, recycled IBC’s where possible (without any risk to product quality) and only use virgin IBC’s where absolutely necessary.
  • Our 220L barrels are manufactured to include recycled plastic and these are of the same quality as barrels containing only virgin plastic.
  • We offer concentrated products where possible to reduce the volume of water transported to our customers – this reduces emissions from delivery vehicles and the amount of packaging required.

Reduce the use of Chemicals harmful to the environment

  • We use environmentally friendly ingredients where possible – our cleaning products are specifically formulated so as not to include caustic ingredients. Caustic Ingredients that are found in many cleaning products can be damaging to the environment as a high concentration of the hydroxide ion in water can be toxic for aquatic organisms.
  • Liquid Carbon Based Fertilisers focus on improving soil health by feeding the soil microbes. This in turn can help increase the efficiency of pesticides and other chemicals, in turn allowing their use to be reduced without detriment to the quality of crops grown.

Reduce Fertiliser Inputs and Improve our soils

  • Terrafed™ is an approved Organic Fertiliser – this can be applied on commercial organic farms to provide nutrients to the soil and the crops growing in them. Along with L-CBF BOOST™, these Liquid Carbon Based Fertilisers can increase the efficiency of fertilisers, allowing their application rates to be reduced. A reduction in applied fertiliser can help the soil biology to thrive, ensuring our soils are maintained for future generations.

Promote Environmental Regeneration

  • We support Tree Appeal and the Tree Twinning Initiative planting trees in UK schools and regeneration projects in Kenya. We believe that reforestation is key to the reduction of carbon within the atmosphere, as well as ensuring that our planets biodiversity is retained.

Education and Corporate, Social Responsibility

  • Our staff educate consumers and re-sellers on the benefits of our products, both to the consumers and the wider environment.
  • Landowner Products are proud supporters of Martin House Children’s Hospice; the work that they undertake for those less fortunate is truly outstanding.
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