Red Antifreeze ready to use 1000L IBC

1000 litres of Landowner Red Antifreeze ready to use, ideal for larger fleets, heavy duty construction & industrial heat transfer applications.

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Description / Red Antifreeze ready to use 1000L IBC

Ideal for larger fleets, heavy duty construction and industrial heat transfer applications. Available in 1000 litre IBC’s, Landowner Red Antifreeze Ready to Use is the ideal solution for those using high volumes of engine coolant who want it premixed and ready to use. Based on monoethylene glycol and organic additive technology, it is suitable for use in both petrol and diesel engines, contains no nitrites, amines, phosphates, borates, silicates and no other mineral additives. No dilution is necessary and it gives the following advantages:  
  • Advanced corrosion inhibitors with a low depletion rate allow less frequent maintenance and improved protection of all metals and alloys used in the cooling system of modern vehicles, especially aluminium.
  • Effective engine cooling without boiling due to superior thermal characteristics.
  • Removal of abrasives solids, giving improved protection to the water pump joints.
  • Protection against frost (dependent upon concentration mixed).
  • Excellent antifoaming characteristics.
  Landowners Red Antifreeze Ready to Use does not need to be diluted and in its current state gives  -40°C freeze protection. However, should a lower freeze protection be required, the table below shows the possible dilution rates and resulting temperature protection. Dilute with deionised water for optimum results:
Red Antifreeze Ready to Use (vol %) Water (vol %) Freeze Protection (°C)
66 34 -20
100 0 -40
Red Antifreeze Ready to Use from Landowner exceeds the following European and International Standards:
  • AFNOR NF R15-601 (France)
  • AS 2108 (Australia)
  • ASTM D3306 (USA)
  • ASTM D4656 (USA)
  • ASTM D4985 (USA)
  • BS 6580: 2010 (UK)
  • CUNA NC 956-16
  • FVV Heft R443
  • SAE J 1034
  • NATO S-759
  • UNE 26361-88
It is suitable for the following applications:
OEM OEM Standard
Cummins CES 14603
DAF 74002
Ford WSS-M97B44-D
General Motors GM 6277M
Honda (>1983)
Honda Motorbike
John Deere
Mercedes-Benz MB 325.3
Renault 41-01-001
Renault Trucks
SEAT TL 774 D & F
Skoda TL 774 D & F
Volkswagen VAG TL 774 D & F
Volvo VCS

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