2 Wheel Licktank (200L)

QLF's low 2-wheeled lick tank is ideal for feeding sheep and has a built in lifting hook for easy transportation.

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Description / 2 Wheel Licktank (200L)

QLF's low 200 litre 2-wheeled lick tank is ideal for feeding sheep and has a built in lifting hook for easy transportation. One 200 litre lick-tank is designed to feed 50-100 stock depending on re-fill frequency. For larger numbers of sheep, QLF suggest either the use of multiple 200 litre tanks, or larger, 500 litre lick tanks.

QLF offers lick-tanks for a range of feeding situations. These are manufactured from a high density plastic and hence are very hardy and long lasting. They can be moved around the farm when empty and thus can be sited easily where required. The picture above shows the internal design of a lick-tank; a suspended wheel rotates through the product, allowing stock to consume the product.

Advantages of QLF lick-tanks:

  • Save time, labour and money (feeding a liquid is more cost effective than feeding blocks)
  • Ideal way to balance ruminant nutrition as they act as a “barometer” of feed intake where forage quality varies
  • Cost effective out of parlour feeder
  • Less bullying – All animals are able to supplement their daily intakes of energy, protein and trace minerals and vitamins.

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Technical Information


QLF 200 litre lick-tank:

  • Capacity - 200 litres
  • Height - 0.33m (0.55m to top of lifting frame)
  • Width - 1.00m
  • Length - 1.00m
  • Weight - 27 kgs