Fosfol - Foliar Phosphate Fertiliser

Fosfol is Landowner’s foliar phosphate and is beneficial to a variety of crops, particularly potatoes and maize.

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Description / Fosfol - Foliar Phosphate Fertiliser

Phosphate is often plentiful in the soil but an inadequate uptake by the crop can lead to a deficiency. By applying Fosfol, phosphorus is delivered to the plant in a foliar form allowing easy uptake thus ensuring that growth and yield are not otherwise compromised. Landowner’s Fosfol contains 20% Phosphate w/v, 8% Nitrogen w/v and has the following benefits:
  • Directly applied to plant resulting in quick absorption
  • No risk of leaching
  • When applied to potatoes, phosphorus can increase tuber numbers and size

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Technical Information

Technical Information


  • Add Fosfol to clean water in a half-filled spray tank, mix well and add the remainder of the water. All tank mixes should be used immediately and kept under constant agitation.
  • Fosfol may be used with a wide range of blight sprays and trace elements.DO NOT MIX WITH MAGNESIUM BASED PRODUCTSN.B. Yield will be affected by soil climate and other local conditions.


20% Phosphate w/v, 8% Nitrogen w/v


Fosfol can be used across a variety of crops however it is most commonly applied to potatoes and maize as follows:Potatoes:
  • For all varieties; early, second early, main crop and seed – apply 17.5 litres / hectare at tuber initiation.
  • Apply 20 litres/ hectare when deficiency is first noticed, repeat as necessary.
Water Rate:
  • Using standard nozzles apply 30 litres/ha of Fosfol in 200-400 litres water.
  • Apply at tuber initiation (about the time when the foliage meets across the rows).