L-CBF BOOST™ 220L Barrel

L-CBF BOOST™ from QLF Agronomy is the No. 1 Liquid Carbon Based Fertiliser - Feed the soil biology to enhance nutrient availability and improve plant performance

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Description / L-CBF BOOST™ 220L Barrel

L-CBF BOOST™ is a Liquid-Carbon Based Fertiliser that is suitable for use across agriculture. It combines readily available carbon (as sucrose) with a balanced nutritional package and is designed to feed the soil biology and enhance plant nutrient availability.

L-CBF BOOST™ brings readily available carbon and other growth factors to the soil biology. It works by feeding the microbes in the soil, hence promoting the health of the soil leading to improved nutrient availability for the growing plant. Extensive use on farm and commercial enterprises over the last 7 years, along with independent and university trial work has demonstrated significant yield responses across a wide variety of crops.

L-CBF BOOST™  is a safe, simple and cost effective way of providing readily available carbon to complement an existing fertiliser plan. For more information on L-CBF BOOST™ please click here.

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Technical Information


  Total Nitrogen45.2
  Phosphorus pentoxide soluble in water00
  Potassium Oxide soluble in water33.9
  Sulphur (S)22.6
Includes complex carbon sources, yeasts, and other microbial growth factors

Product Information

L-CBF BOOST™ has been shown to bring the following benefits:
  • Improved nutrient availability
  • Stimulates the soil microbes and builds long term soil fertility
  • Increased yield potential with reduction in environmental impact
  • Provides a complex carbon source to improve long term organic matter building and residue decomposition
  • Improves the efficiency of nitrogen (and P and K)
  • Softens the impact of nitrogen fertiliser on the soil biology
  • Reduces the risk of crop scorch


Application instructions for arable crops:

L-CBF BOOST™ can be applied in the following ways:
  • Sprayed on as a separate application
  • Applied with a range of agrochemicals or liquid fertilisers.
  • Foliar applied
  • In furrow
The following page on the QLF Agronomy website details suggested application rates and timings acroos an extensive range of crops. Please click here to see these application rates.

Application instructions for all managed turf:

This product is water miscible allowing it to be applied through properly designed liquid application equipment. The product can be tank mixed and is compatible with most herbicides, fungicides and liquid fertilisers; always try a test sample to ensure compatibility prior to mixing. If diluted with water use within 72 hours of mixing.

Apply 40 litres / hectare diluted into 200-400 litres water every 3-4 weeks during the growing season. Application volume may be varied as necessary (+/- 20 litres / hectare) subject to the quality of turf.

*For information regarding specific application rates, methods, mixing and handling information, please speak to a QLF L-CBF representative here