3,000 litre Petrol Bulk Dispensing Tank

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3,000 litre Petrol dispensing tank - Ideal for medium to high users of Petrol.
Usually dispatched within 3-4 weeks. Please call to confirm.


An onsite forklift/telehandler is required for offloading delivery of this product.

Description / 3,000 litre Petrol Bulk Dispensing Tank

Landowner Products supply a premium 3,000 litre Petrol dispensing tank for medium users of Petrol.  The tanks are made from 3mm mild steel with bolt down connections as standard.  The tanks are designed in accordance with HSG176, DSEAR and the Blue Book, and come with a 10-year guarantee when registered.


  • Fire protective jacket on primary tank
  • 4" BSP fill connection with cap and chain
  • 2" 4.5m spark arrestor vent stack
  • Lockable access hatch
  • Plastic dipstick
  • Fork lift skids
  • bolt down connections
  • Earth strap and rod
  • Powder coated paintwork. Colour RAL 7035 Grey (tank & vent) and RAL 9006 Grey (Lid)
  • Pump with inline strainer on options: 230V, 12V, hand pump
  • Steel welded construction for primary tank and bund

 Tank Options:

  • Tank with hand pump - for sites that have no access to power.
  • Tank with 12v pump - for sites requiring a quicker flow rate than the standard hand pump, and have access to battery power.
  • Tank with 230V pump -  for sites requiring a quicker flow rate than the standard hand pump, and have access to mains power, providing a forecourt style system.
  • Tank with 230v pump & Flow Meter - a mechanical flowmeter with +/- 1% accuracy to measure the amount of fuel dispensed.
  • Tank with 230V Pump, Flow Meter & Pump Cabinet - as above but includes a lockable steel cabinet to house the pump providing additional security for your tank.

You will need a forklift or telehandler on site to receive this item


Note: This system is not designed to be sited on a raised base.  the tank must be sited at the same level as he delivery tanker.

Purchase Note

2-3 weeks for delivery

Delivery & Returns

Please provide 2 - 3 weeks for delivery as this product is manufactured to order. Our transport team will call you to inform you of when delivery will be made, so please ensure that you can be reached on the contact number(s) provided.

Please note, we are currently unable to ship to Northern Ireland.

Technical Information


Weight (kg) 1275
Capacity (Litres) 3000
Length (mm) 2980
Width (mm) 1980
Height (mm) 4500
Material 3mm mild steel