Rock Salt - Big Bags

Rock Salt - Big Bags.  Ideal for where de-icing of larger areas is necessary.

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Description / Rock Salt - Big Bags

Our Big Bags of rock salt are ideal for those with large areas to de-ice or where regular de-icing has to occur throughout the year. The brown Rock Salt is delivered to the kerb side or front of your premises, in a big bag on a pallet and with no further packaging will require a pallet truck / forklift to move.

Rock Salt is, as the name suggests a rock that is mined in the UK, rather than white salt which is a mineral. It is commonly used by the Highways Agency in winter, being spread behind grit lorries. Our Rock salt has the following benefits:

  • Ideal for businesses that need to de-ice larger areas; it is more cost effective than white salt
  • Conforms to the British Standard for de-icing salt - BS3247:2011
  • Has anti-caking agent applied to ensure that it is free flowing and as such easy to spread
  • It is mined in the UK, minimising transport costs and environmental impact.

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