QLF Suckler Profit 20-28

QLF Suckler Profit 20-28 is a great all-round liquid supplement for suckler cows and growing cattle offering protein, sugar and a vitamin and mineral pack, to balances many scenarios.

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Description / QLF Suckler Profit 20-28

QLF suckler cow products can help to balance suckler cow diets where there is a variable quality forage. By providing both protein and energy along with vitamins and minerals, QLF Suckler Profit 20-28 is a great fit for most suckler rations.

QLF Suckler Profit 20-28 can be fed through lick-tanks which is of particular benefit to suckler cows and growing cattle at grass; this can also be an advantage in periods of poor weather as this method of feeding allows animals to ‘top-up’ their requirements.

Should magnesium be of concern, please see our suckler products with added magnesium.

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Technical Information


QLF Suckler Profit 20-28 typical analysis:

As FedDry Matter
Protein %Sugar %Mag %DMProtein %Sugar %Vit & MinEst MELitres/TE
Suckler Profit 20-2820290513957Cattle11.7811
For the mineral analysis, please see the QLF Mineral and Vitamin Specification here.Find out more about QLF’s ‘Timed Release’ protein here 


This product may be fed in a TMR, home mix or top dressed.Inclusion into mixed feeds for cattle is recommended at the rate of 1-2 litres per head per day. These rates may vary, depending on moisture level and desired ration consistency, as well as protein and sugar requirements to balance the ration.QLF do not recommend that it be fed to calves under 12 weeks of age. Gradually add to rations in order to acclimatise the rumen. Intakes (if fed ad-lib) may be slightly higher for the first 5-10 days, depending on animal nutrient demands and ration analysis.QLF Suckler Profit 20-28 is a medium-low viscosity product, providing QLF’s “Timed Release” non-protein nitrogen. This is a safe and effective way of ensuring ruminants obtain necessary levels of quality protein and sugars in the ration;  Additionally, rumen-essential vitamins and trace minerals are included to aid in the optimisation of rumen function.QLF Superlac 20-28 typical feed rates:
Typical Feed Rates (Kg/head/day)Suitable Feeding Methods
DairyBeefSheepYoungstockLick-tankAd-lib (licktank)Pour On
Suckler Profit 20-2822x1x
  • The product should be introduced gradually to acclimatise the rumen, typically in the first 1-3 days, 30% of target feed rate should be included. This should then increase to 60% (target feed rate) for days 4-6, 90% for days 7-9 and 100% after 10 days.

Please note these rates are for indication only and actual feed rates must be approved by your QLF representative or qualified feed advisor.

This Product contains High Copper – DO NOT FEED TO SHEEP, NON-RUMINANTS or to energy-starved animals. The product is formulated for adlib feeding through approved lick-feeders. Always ensure plenty of fresh, clean water, unlimited access to forage.