White De-Icing Salt - Bulk

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Description / White De-Icing Salt - Bulk

White De-Icing Salt is a mineral that is extracted from salt water. Being virtually pure sodium chloride, white salt provides a comprehensive de-icing process as the whole product contributes towards the de-icing. This makes the process very efficient.   

White salt does not contain the natural clay which is found in brown Rock Salt, and as such does not generate the same residue, making it cleaner for use in and around buildings and car parks. 

Our White De-Icing Salt has the following benefits:

  • Ideal for businesses that want a cleaner de-icing method with less residue than brown rock salt.
  • Conforms to the British Standard for de-icing salt - BS3247:2011
  • Has an anti-caking agent applied so as to ensure that it is free flowing, easy to spread and suitable for storage. 

For more information on bulk deliveries, visit our Benefits of Bulk Buying article.

Delivery & Returns

Please provide 3-5 working days as all product is manufactured to order.  Our transport team will call you to inform you of when delivery will be made, so please ensure that you can be reached on the contact number(s) provided.

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To view the Safety Data Sheet for White Salt from Landowner®, please click here